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Specialized economists as ghostwriters in economics

Since the examination regulations and, of course, the potential employers generally wish to complete the economic studies as quickly as possible, there is not always enough time for the simultaneous consolidation of content.

Our ghostwriters specializing in economics can “write” open spaces for you here. They master all economic theories as well as the increasingly important econometric and statistical methodological competencies.

General for the study of economics

Studying economics or economics involves obtaining a micro- and macroeconomic overview of the processes in the individual and overall economies. Economists deal with states and economic areas, but also with individual market phenomena such as the fluctuating gasoline prices. They work in both the public and private sectors.

High interest in economic contexts, an affinity to mathematics and a good logical reasoning are the prerequisites that students should have for studying economics. But also a high level of linguistic ability to express is important in translating mathematical results into an economic interpretation. Since the scientific language of modern economics is English, the knowledge in this language – both to read the literature and to write scientifically – should be sufficient. Good English is also required for the recommended semester abroad.

The subject VWL is divided into a Bachelor and a Master program. During the Bachelor’s degree, the students are mainly taught mathematics, accounting, statistics, law or organization. Also business administration in its general and quantitative bases must be proven. At the end of each semester, students take written exams in most subjects to earn their credit. The second study phase usually consists of a focus module, within which various alternatives can be chosen, an elective module as well as a seminar and the bachelor thesis.

In the master’s program, students can specialize in areas such as economic theory, economic policy or finance and deepen their methodological skills in economics.

The degree in Economics qualifies for entry into many economics professions in the private and public sector. Fields of activity are in companies, associations, economic research institutes, ministries and authorities, universities, in economic journalism or in international organizations.

We would be pleased to help you with your degree in economics and support you with your homework, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation.

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