Our ghostwriters in business administration

Business Administration as a specialized ghostwriter in business administration

Business Administration (BWL) is a complex field of expertise and knowledge in which we can competently support you in your studies and beyond. Our ghostwriters can take specific steps to help you focus on your essential tasks.

During our studies, our support can relate to the writing of scientific texts such as the bachelor thesis or the master thesis. Our services are just as individual as your work, starting with the research and structuring of a suitable topic on the writing of an exposé up to the complete copywriting. We support you in your business studies, in which form you decide.

In professional life too, it can be important for professional profiling to publish scientific articles or to regularly produce professional presentations. As a result of deadline and time pressure, however, there is often no time for this. We research scientifically sound and valid facts, establish correlations and structure into your work – up to the mature and professional presentation or the professional article that is to be published.

Our ghostwriters are accomplished and experienced in the scientific care of professionals and executives in companies and administrations. This gives you freedom for your actual tasks. We also find individual and tailor-made solutions for you!

General information about the study of business administration

Business Administration (BWL) has long been Germany’s most popular course of studies, as it opens up a wealth of opportunities for students after graduation. Business graduates are in great demand both as a corporation and as a middle-class employee.

And for good reason – the BWL degree program, which is divided into a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree program, is broad in content and covers many different areas such as mathematics, marketing, statistics, business law or finance. It teaches students how to run businesses effectively and profitably, and how to manage them as efficiently as possible using scarce resources. It also prepares them for leadership roles in companies and organizations.

In the bachelor’s program, students receive a basic, universal business education. They prove their learning success after the end of each semester by taking exams.

In the master’s program, this acquired business administration knowledge is expanded and deepened through a chosen focus such as finance, marketing or accounting.

Our ghostwriters and text coaches have at least a Masters degree, many years of relevant experience and are up to date with the scientific discussion in their field. The best conditions, therefore, to support you as well. Ask us, we advise you gladly – without obligation and free of charge!