Ghostwriter for your textbook

In the age of digitization and new social media, there are countless opportunities to publicize one’s own achievements. But if, in addition to the increase in awareness, it is above all about proving its competence in a specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, the publication of its own textbook is still almost unrivaled.

Whether in print or digital form, it identifies the author and author as profound connoisseurs of their respective professions – and is therefore not least for many freelance professionals as a career-enhancing and therefore desirable part of their self-marketing.

Accordingly large is the circle of those who are thinking of publishing a textbook. However, the associated effort is often underestimated, because a textbook can hardly “just” incidentally write. Even if the material already exists in the form of one’s own experience and knowledge or even records already exist that are “only” waiting for their formulation, the way to the finished book is still far away. Because the material masses want to be structured, the content prepared for the target group and the text made liquid readable. Only very few are able to afford the associated months of time in addition to their actual work.

To the textbook with the support of a ghostwriter

Another point is that it is a common myth that you can make money selling books. This actually succeeds only the really high-circulation bestselling authors. If you realistically convert your own work, a well-written textbook usually costs a five-figure sum, which is rarely amortized on the book market. If you look at the book as an investment to increase your reputation or to support your other offers, you will not be put off. But he should think early on investing the money rather in the cooperation with a professional ghostwriter to relieve his time budget and still achieve the desired goal and result: his own book.

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