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The essay largely eludes a clear definition. If, according to Duden, he is a “treatise that deals with a literary or scientific question in a concise and demanding form,” the origin of his name from the French verb “essayer” suggests (trying) that it is something of a mental experiment.

It is precisely this vagueness and openness that makes it a challenge for not a few students. Because at the universities, more and more often the writing of an essay as a study performance is demanded, without the peculiarities of this text form were actually taught or even practiced.

In contrast to other written formats usual at the universities, the essay is relatively free in form and does not follow any given system. Although it is mostly based on the principle of initiation, main part, conclusion, unlike a technical paper, it does not lay claim to a systematic treatment of the topic. He is just asking for the casual approach of his own considerations, which are more on internal consistency and traceability than on the exhaustive treatment of the subject.

An essay offers a lot of scope for own expressive and creative possibilities, no successful essay is like another. The essay differs from housework in that it requires a greater proportion of one’s own ideas and assessments, and that the problem is usually more limited.

However, the examination of the object of investigation should be based on linguistically and intellectually high levels and cause the reader to read on through ingenuity, surprising thoughts and interesting formulations or even humor. Only if the reader follows the essay as a good and exciting speech, the author will achieve the set goal, namely successfully to give some food for thought.

As a rule, the essay dispenses with quotations, notes and individual proofs that are otherwise customary for scientific articles. But even if he looks rather fleet-footed as a well-written newspaper report, he should nevertheless be scientifically sound and document his reference to the source through a bibliography.

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